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Words that inspire actions

Grow your online presence and your customer base with professionally written website copy that speaks to customers in language they understand.


Whether you want to attract more traffic to your website, improve audience engagement, or convert more sales, your copy is the thing that's going to make it happen.

Is your website failing to show up in Google searches? Do your social posts barely scrape ten likes? Are customers deleting your emails without even opening them? 

If this sounds scarily familiar, then it's clear your copy isn't doing what you need it to.

Design and images have their place but the power of good copy should never be underestimated. While appearances matter,  it's what you say that ultimately influences things like clicks, likes, sales, and SEO. That's where working with a professional copywriter, like myself, will really make a difference.


I'm the person who spots a typo a mile off and uses proper grammar in a text. The person to whom "you had me at the correct use of 'you're'" applies. 

I've been a professional copywriter for over 11 years, but my love of words has been lifelong. After training as a journalist, I spent the early part of my career working in PR, where I learnt to write copy that instantly hooks a reader's attention.


Since becoming a full-time copywriter in 2012, I've used my words to help brands (big and small) to grow their  businesses on and offline, with waffle-free copy that creates meaningful connections and resonates with customers. 

About me


Freelance copywriting services I provide

SEO copywriting

Word-perfect website copy and blogs that get your business on page one of  Google.

Brochure copywriting

Captivating brochure copy that will keep readers gripped to the very end.

website copywriting southampton

Advertising copywriting

Credible radio, TV, and print ad copy that encourages customers to find out more. 

blog copywriting southampton

Social Media copywriting

On-brand Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter updates that strike a chord with your followers.

Newsletter & email copywriting

Inspiring emails that encourage open rates and convert clicks into sales and bookings.

biography copywriting southampton

Storytelling & video script copywriting

Short and sweet video scripts that leave customers in no doubt as to what you're about.

proofreading southampton

Proofreading & editing

Objective copy editing that cuts out unnecessary waffle and corrects any errors.

Press release & advertorial copywriting

Topical press releases that translate into positive media coverage for your business.

A few examples of my work

My Work

My rates

My freelance rate is £30 per hour, or if you book me by the day (9am-5pm) it's £225.


If you're unsure how long a copywriting assignment will take, get in touch and I'll give you a quote. 

For my current availability, or to discuss a potential project, email me directly at: or complete the form and I'll respond ASAP.

Contact me

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My location

Where I'm based

I'm based in Southampton. A city famous for its maritime history, medieval walls, and being the hometown of Craig David. Yes really.


One of the many things I love about my job (besides the fact I get to write for a living) is that I can do it from anywhere. So, yes, I may live in Southampton but that doesn't mean you have to.

My clients hail from all over the world. London. Granda. Miami. You name it. So don't let my location stand in the way of what is sure to be a perfect working partnership.



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