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5 tips for improving SEO

It's all very well having a beautiful website or product. But if you're not appearing on page 1 of Google then your SEO isn't delivering. Which could have serious consequences on your business's bottom line.

SEO copywriting tips

While your website's design and navigation is important. Ultimately it's the copy that determines your search ranking position. So if you want your target customer to find you, making sure your copy is rich with keywords is key.

And, because Google only ranks websites based on unique text, copying your number 1 competitor won't do you any favours. So instead, here are 5 ways to ensure your copy is perfectly optimised for SEO performance. To guarantee your target customers land on your website ahead of the competition.

  1. Keep it short and sweet

You know how they say good things come in small packages? Well the same is true when it comes to SEO copy. Google loves a nice combination of short and long sentences. And it hates paragraphs containing more than 150 words. So keep your sentence lengths (and your paragraphs) short and to the point. After all, no one likes to listen to someone waffle endlessly on in real life. So why would it be any different online?

2. Use everyday language

Great website copy makes even the most complicated product or service easy to understand. And Google couldn't agree more. Packing your copy full of complicated jargon is the quickest way to see your SEO ranking plummet. So keep the language simple, conversational and engaging. Avoiding alienating jargon that will bring your website's readability score come crashing down.

3. Do your keyword research

Keywords are the words (or groups of words) your customer will enter into Google when they're looking for a business just like yours. So knowing these is fundamental to nailing your SEO. If in doubt, use a professional tool like Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Which can help you identify the most commonly searched words in relation to your product or service.

4. Write your SEO title & Meta description

Just as important to your website's SEO as the copy are the title and Meta descriptions you post on Google. The strength of these will determine if your customers click through. And where your business ranks in Google's search engine. So don't leave your Meta description and SEO title to chance. Create keyword rich descriptions that contain your search terms and engage your target customer.

5. Don't abuse keywords

After singing keyword's praises tip 5 might seem like an extreme 180. But abusing keywords is a big SEO no-no. One Google doesn't take too kindly to. In fact, Google advises a 2.5% threshold when it comes to keywords. And favours websites that seed these naturally into the copy. So don't overdo it with your key search terms. Keep them below 2.5% per page and make sure they don't disrupt the copy's natural flow.

And there you have it. Five failsafe ways you can make your website copy work harder for you on Google. And improve your SEO ranking to make sure you get seen before your competition.

And if you need any help perfecting the right tone, or ensuring your content is SEO friendly, don't hesitate to drop me a line. Whether you have an existing website that just isn't converting traffic into sales. Or you're a start-up business looking to get on the map. SEO copywriting (when done well) is the ultimate tool to raise awareness of your product and brand online.


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